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Monday 06/20/16

Icecream + hot cocoa mix review

I put hot cocoa mix in with vanilla icecream and mixed it up and it's not very good. It was all powdery and it got a little better when I added water but I still would not recommend anyone else actually do this.

Sunday 06/19/16

Kojak's Pizza Puff Review

I was told that Kojak's Pizza Puff was like an oversized pizza roll, so I got one.

It was big alright, and the outside seemed a little burnt, crust like frozen pizza that had been left in just a tiny bit too long. It was very distinctly pizza crust though unlike the tortilla-like crusts in some of IPFW's vending machine selections.

The burnt taste gets overpowered quickly though because as you bite in you get to the doughy, tasty inside. There's what seems like little bits of pepperoni and sausage chunks and it's somewhat spicy, probably because of all the meat. It wasn't messy to eat at all.

It also tasted pretty much exactly like a big pizza roll, which is wonderful.

Review of a tiny piece of french fry I stole from Mincci at Kojak's while he wasn't looking

Mincci eaten like all his fries but he had this tiny little bit left. When he looked away I snatched it away. It had a good crunch but it was too salty. It was far too small though, like a centimeter long.

Culver's Strawberry Smoothie Review

Apparently all the smoothies had an additional lemon flavor. There were strawberry chunks and it was sweet, tasty and thick, but also sour. The lemon taste was kind of overpowering everything else later on in the drink and it really reminded me of raspberry lemonade, but with strawberry instead of raspberry.

Portillo's cheeseburger and strawberry/banana smoothie, Review

I dunno about the toppings, since I don't usually get many toppings (I picked off the onion and asked for no tomato in this case but kept the rest), but the cheeseburger was indistinguishable from a Five Guys burger and it was $5 even. It was pretty good.

The smoothie was flavorful and thick, and it had visible and noticeable separate strawberry and banana portions, probably because they have separate smoothies and they probably just mix both of them together.

Red Baron Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza, Review

I tried a Red Baron frozen pizza and it was alright. It had a decent amount of spiciness and the crust and pepperoni were both really spicy and lovely. The pepperoni was flavorful and the sausage was juicy. However, the meats really took up most of the taste and covered up the rest, so I can't really comment on the cheese or sauce.

Thursday 06/09/16

IPFW Free Water Bottles, Review

Pictures of the water bottles

While being a student at IPFW, I have always taken free stuff at IPFW events. They often offer water bottles and here I will review the four I have been given so far.

Water bottle 1 was given to me during registration and originally contained cards and a flash drive containing IPFW information. It feels sorta flimsy and while it worked fine for the longest time it's sorta gotten leaky and damaged. I don't know how that happened. Other than that it was a pretty good, straightforward water bottle.

Water bottle 2 was given to me for some IPFW intramural sports thingy that I didn't really care about but the water bottle is EXCELLENT. I think it's meant for sporty people so it's very durable (and feels very durable) and has no problems with leaking. I take it with me when I go out on a bike ride, and it fits into the water bottle holder on my bike. I don't know why they used black and purple or the color palette though, but looks aren't very important. Highly recommended.

Water bottle 3 is more of a pouch thingy. I haven't really seriously used it because I think it's going to spring a leak and then make a huge puddle. I think it might be good as an ice pack though. The clip could also make it useful that way.

Water bottle 4 was from voting for homecoming or whatever. I don't remember. It's some "h2go" branded thermos thingy that says it can keep drinks cool for 6 hours. It has a huge flaw though and it's VERY LEAKY (even when closed) if it's tilted and it drips out a lot if you're even just drinking from it normally. I have to push my bottom lip down to try and stop the dripping when drinking and it's still not enough. I think it's a mistake to use this kind of lid rather than a twist-on one like water bottles 1, 2 and even 3. However, if you keep it upright the whole time and use a straw to drink from it, it should be fine. It feels very durable and feels tougher than 2.

Thursday 06/02/16

Dueling the Michelin Man, Review

I fought Michelin Man and he was like "I'm TIREd of you, get it???" but I had a tacks and I gave him a flat tired and I won easily. the fight was too easy, would not fight again

Monday 05/23/16

Tiny chicken strip pieces that will just burn, Review

Usually after you've taken out most of the chicken pieces in a bag of chicken strips you're left with these tiny little pieces of chicken that are just going to burn if you put them in for the normal time and some people just throw them out. BUT if you take them out a little early, you can have bonus bite-size chicken!! Highly recommended!

Sunday 05/22/16

"Review of my cat", Review

Review of my cat

It's a pretty cool song. it starts off kinda abstract, and then after the "I'm out of chips!" about a minute in it starts to pick up and become really energetic and then basically turns into a video game song. The part at 2:00 is my favorite.

Saturday 05/21/16

Reggio's Pepperoni Frozen Pizza Review

I've had the cheese version of this and remember liking it. It's really quite different from the kinda pizza that Digiorno/Tombstone/Jack's/etc aims at and that should be taken into account in reviewing it.

It brags about a "famous butter crust" and indeed the crust is pretty buttery and soft, in a good way. The whole pizza is pretty soft and the cheese is a little gooey but not excessively so. The pepperonis aren't as good as on some other pizzas but that's probably because this pizza seems like it's supposed to be more moist than others. The pepperonis honestly reminded me of the kind you'd buy at a store to put on homemade pizzas.

Monday 05/16/16

Luigi vs Lugia

This is a question that has been wondered throughout the ages because Luigi the plumber and Lugia the Pokemon have similar looking names. I finally made them fight and apparently Luigi won because of his wavedash and his Super Jump Punch kicked Lugia's butt. They had a second match where Luigi just stood around the whole match and didn't do anything and he still won.

Wednesday 05/11/16

Credit Cardcaptor Sakura Review

Credit Cardcaptor Sakura, unlike the regular Cardcaptor Sakura will capture your credit card and use it to pay for new episodes of her anime, costing you ridiculous amounts of money. 0/10 do not recommend, watch out for her when you're watching anime.

Tuesday 04/26/16

IPFW french fries review

I tried IPFW's french fries and they were crispy and hot, and not soggy at all unlike Snider's gross fries. They tasted like Burger King's rather than like government-controlled food. They were like $1.50 too so they're probably actually cheaper than fast food places.

"Cheeseburger" becoming a dirty word, Review

Many companies seem to be deathly afraid of labeling their product a "cheeseburger" now. Just looking at IPFW's vending machines there is a "Double beef stacker with cheese sandwich", "Hamburger bun, beef patty, cheese", and "Beef charbroil with cheese". Cheeseburger is OK to call your product!! Don't think otherwise! Kid Cuisine is also in on this, with their "beef patty with cheese and bun".

Not OK!

Friday 04/22/16

Making a smoothie with bad-quality berries

Some fruits are just not meant to be put into a smoothie at all in the forms you usually get them in. I've tried to make grape smoothies lots of times, but the skins on the grapes ruin it. Don't try to use weird strawberries either, the smoothie will turn out weird. Actually get either fresh fruit or frozen berries that are specifically for smoothies.

Thursday 04/21/16

Fast Choice Pizza Charbroil with Cheese Review

I saw a "pizza burger" in the vending machines when I was walking around Ivy Tech forever ago and I regretted not trying it. Now, I tried what seemed to be a pizza burger. It was NOT soggy or anything when microwaved, and it was basically just a patty with pizza sauce and a slice of cheese on it. Like, pasta cheese rather than American cheese. It honestly did not taste very much like a pizza, but rather more like goulash. And, judging it as a goulash burger rather than a pizza burger it's surprisingly good for $2.25.

Police giving me free donuts and cocoa Review

One time I got to college and tons of police guys were parked at Kettler, and I went inside and they were giving out free donuts and free coffee and hot cocoa. I got a free sprinkle donut and got some hot cocoa. The donut was rad, and the hot cocoa was really creamy and nice unlike the regular hot cocoa at college which is just cocoa mix and water. This was like, real cocoa mix. In retrospect I regret not dipping the donut in there to see if that was any good.

Wednesday 04/20/16

Chemistry 115 Lab 3 Review

All semester the chemistry labs were really hard, and then SUDDENLY we get assigned lab number 3 towards the end of the semester. It was almost the easiest thing we did and most of it was sitting around waiting for water to boil. I would totally recommend this lab except you don't get to pick the labs you do anyway haha.

Getting two homeworks assigned in the last week of class right before finals, review

The last week before finals is called "dead week" and you're not supposed to be doing much, presumably so students can study for finals and stuff instead of wasting time on homework. One of my professors assigned TWO HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS with a due date during dead week, spaced TWO DAYS apart. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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