Everyone always tells me not to buy weird stuff from the vending machines. It was tempting though, not having any hot foods at college when I was hungry, so against my better judgment I purchased a Tony's Pepperoni Pizza thing, and it seemed like the kind of food you'd have in a high school lunch. Pizza tends to be good even when it's bad, so it was probably safe, right?

After it got out of the microwave I noticed it was ULTRA greasy and I used a napkin to wipe up a good amount of it but there was still a lot of it left. I grabbed one of the forks and headed off to discrete math class because I realized it was about to start. Once inside I realized the pizza was pretty much impossible to cut into with the ultra flimsy forks my college has and I mostly had to bite into it to tear it at all. The pizza looked really disappointing and it has those dumb cube shaped pepperonis that didn't turn out to taste very good and they kept falling off. The pizza kinda smelled weird too and overall it just reminded me of high school food but not in a nice nostalgic way. It was a little spicy though and that was nice.

I felt gross afterwards, ugh.