Because Walb has pizza too in the cafeteria that used to be Pizza Hut, I bought a slice even though it was $3.29. It's a pretty big slice though. It looked delicious and way better than Tony's, with infinitely less grease though there was still some visible grease. There were TONS of sausages and they were big and juicy. They seemed a little crunchy too in a good way. The pepperonis were juicy and overall the toppings were way better than Pizza Hut's toppings and Little Caesars's toppings, but not quite as good as Papa John's. There are pepperonis on the crust which were crunchy.The dough wasn't tough and the cheese and sauce were really good. Overall it was a really good slice of pizza but $3.29 kinda kills it for me. If I'm hungry and I want pizza I could pay like, twice that and get a whole Papa Johns pizza.