I felt like trying some new pizza, so I baked a self-rising crust pizza from Kroger. I know, it's store-brand so I shouldn't be expecting a lot, but Meijer's rising crust and Great Value pizzas turned out to be decent in both the pepperoni and cheese versions, if a little bland. This was not the case for Kroger's rising crust pizzas. I don't know if it was undercooked but it was put in between the minimum and maximum cooking times so I don't think it was. I didn't really like it.

The pizza was really gooey, in a sort of bad way. It's sort of like how Tombstone cheese pizza is a little too gooey but it's the whole pizza. In fact, the pizza is so gooey that it can't really hold itself together very well. It's very difficult to lift up a piece without it falling apart and spilling toppings. A lot of the pizza was the bread part which wasn't very crunchy at all except for some bits on the end, and the pizza was mostly just soggy. The flavors weren't all that great; the toppings were kind of bland and seemed moist rather than actually being juicy.

I don't know if the cheese version is any better, but as it stands I'm not really looking to try this brand again soon.