In my need to have better things to eat at college than granola bars I have turned to microwaveable pizzas. The pizza was heated to 30 seconds in my review, and the pizza will primarily be compared to the Tony's Microwaveable pizza rectangle.

The pizza is pretty soft, but not in a gooey or unpleasant way. It's just soft, and easy to tear through with a fork or bite through. The amount of toppings, while seemingly small when you're topping the pizza, seems small but after actually cooking, it can easily cover the whole pizza and it manages to stay on the pizza while eating. The flimsy IPFW forks didn't really matter that much since I could hold onto the sides of the pizza if I needed a grip to cut it with one, and the pizza didn't smell, taste and look weird. The pizza uses mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce and it contributes to a real pizza flavor, but the sausage is actually "pepperoni flavored sausage" which is actually pretty good.

I don't know if it's from having a lot of pizzas of this type as a kid but this pizza is actually really pleasant and although it's barely pizza I would still definitely choose it over Tony's Microwaveable Pizza Rectangle.