Today I had a Lunchables pizza rather than an Armour Lunchmakers one. It came in a cardboard box that contained a Capri Sun fruit punch pouch, and a Crunch candy bar. The box had jokes on the inside and fun fax and tongue twisters but there was nothing in there that was really amusing for a college student.

Unlike Lunchmakers, Lunchables Pizza has tons of sauce and tons of cheese so you definitely have enough. I ended up using the whole amount of cheese and sauce I got. The big difference between Lunchmakers Pepperoni Pizza and Lunchables Pepperoni Pizza is that Lunchmakers has "pepperoni flavored sausage" which is really thin and easy to tear through and it tasted pretty decent. Lunchables on the other hand has real pepperonis.

These are pretty huge and sorta thick, and you get enough for three pepperonis per pizza, and if you use them evenly all the pizzas are mostly covered with the pepperonis. The pepperonis honestly don't taste all that much better (they're okay, taste like pepperoni and are a little spicy) and the big difference is the texture. They feel tough and leathery even when cooked for 30 seconds, and because of them you can't tear into the pizza with a fork very easily. You also have to chew it.

I'd probably honestly stick to Armour Lunchmakers here.