Galaxy S5: The Galaxy S5 is a cool phone that runs pretty fast and its camera is good. It has expandable storage so I have tons of room for squirrel photos and I have never really had a problem with it.

Galaxy S7 Edge: a k00ler phone with a curved screen. Unfortunately this means that it's very hard to find a tempered glass screen protector for it, and the ones that do exist don't really cover the whole screen. Also, it's easy to accidentally turn on multitasking.

Galaxy S0: I tried to review the Galaxy S0 but I'm pretty sure it's actually literally nothing. Refer to my review on air.

Galaxy ∫e^x dx: This phone is just e^x+constant. It only came out because ∫ looks like S.

Galaxy S-1: The Galaxy S negative 1 is the same thing as the Galaxy S1 except it's composed of antimatter and it's very hard to use because of the annihilation.

Galaxy S1 Edge: This phone was created in the distant future when Samsung kept increasing the number before it finally rolled over to 1. They weren't able to make the non-Edge version because the Galaxy S1 already exists but the Galaxy S1 Edge came out before Samsung realized the number rolled over. As a result it's a really futuristic phone but it's not very compatible with 2016 technologies so it has limited use.