I used to play this game as a kid and I decided to get it again and play through the campaign. It's pretty neat but I think I'm really out of the age range for it now (21). The puzzles you get are random and in a random order so you'll be at like level 90 and get something dreadfully easy.

One thing I really don't like in level-based puzzle games is when there's an element of luck applied when solving puzzles. In Pajama Jam Sockworks, when a sock enters into a T intersection it will split off in a random direction and when it lands into a chute it will jump out of another random chute in a random direction. Many of the puzzles were extremely simple and ended up being a long wait for the socks to do what you want them to do. At least you can speed it up.

One really annoying thing that happens also is when two socks overlap each other, because they're very difficult to separate again. Like in Chip's Challenge there's a lot of challenge from "action" elements like switching things at the right time, and you have to keep track of up to four socks at once but I was usually able to stop three of the socks and just direct one sock into the appropriate basket one at a time.

The best part of the game is the level editor. Someone needs to make some actually good puzzles with it.

I guess I'd only recommend it if it went on sale. The game will run in ScummVM so you can play it on anything you want.