I saw this pizza for $1.36 and decided to try it; if it was good then I have a cheap pizza to get alongside my usual Red Baron. If it's bad, I didn't waste very much money. I used the oven instead of microwaving it, which made the crust come out very satisfyingly crispy. and crunchy. Unfortunately, I think the crust might have been the best part of the pizza.

You don't go into a $1.36 pizza expecting a lot, so I kept that in mind. It's much better than the Tony's Microwaveable Pepperoni rectangle but this wasn't exactly fair since I baked this and microwaved that. I can happily say that the Totino's version was not very greasy in comparison. I used a napkin to try and sop up grease but there wasn't really much. I didn't really end up feeling gross afterwards either.

The sausage part reminded me of the sausage component of a combination pizza roll. In fact, I think the product in general reminded me of a pizza roll, not surprising since it's the same company and all. The flavor is a little "off" for pizza but not in a necessarily bad way? I tried to see what I thought of the sauce and the cheese but there weren't really much to either of those. That's party of why I think the crust is probably the best part. It's crunchy and airy in an interesting way and it's pleasant.

In the end, it's fine for $1.36 but for cheap pizza in general I would stick to Jack's, and for slightly more expensive pizza I would stick to Red Baron, though they're pretty different experiences. A big plus is that Totino's is microwaveable, so if you can put up with a softer pizza it can let you make a pizza very quickly. I would also rate their other product, pizza rolls, as being much better overall. You can get a 20-roll box for a bit more than a Totino's Party Pizza but I'd say it's worth it if you want to stick to cheap pizza-like products.