Banquet is usually hit-or-miss with me. I've had some meals I enjoyed, and they've been okay for things like their chicken pot pies and their chicken fingers meal (which included three nice-size chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, and a brownie) but some things have been kind of bad (like their fish stick meals that weren't great and only included a few fish sticks).

The fries and nuggets meal was $1 which is about as cheap as you usually expect from these sorts of things from Banquet. It only includes fries and nuggets, no other extras like brownies or anything. I made it in the oven so it's as good as it'll possibly be, and because I'm not low on time.

The fries aren't crunchy. Instead they sort of feel like what you might get from a cut potato without doing a ton of stuff to it, in that they're somewhat slick? They're chewy but not unpleasantly so, and they're okay as fries.

The nuggets were actually pleasantly crunchy on the outside and they tasted good, with the chicken very similar to what's in the chicken finger meals I remember. There were quite a few of the small nuggets and I think the nuggets are definitely the highlight of this meal.

In conclusion, this meal is actually pretty good for $1 and I would be happy with stocking up on a few and keeping them around. They're actually a pretty decent way to get your nugget fix from the store without buying a whole more expensive bag of Tyson nuggets or whatever.