I've reviewed other Tony's products that went in the microwave that I did not enjoy much, but this one goes in an oven, which is a great start. Apparently this is the first frozen pizza brand available too?

Instead of the microwave situation where the whole thing is usually soggy or tough and not fun to eat, this was pretty fine. It's actually kind of similar to a Red Baron pizza. I've primarily been getting those for my frozen pizza needs because they're flavorful and very nice, but it seems like Tony's might be a decent alternative.

The crust is a bit fluffier and softer than Red Baron usually turns out, but it's still actually crunchy in a pleasant way. I like it. The pizza also has no trouble holding itself together, though that's probably helped by only having pepperoni.

The pizza has a slightly spicy/savory flavor going through it like the Red Baron and Freschetta does, though it's cheaper than both of those options. The pepperoni isn't really anything special - it doesn't turn out crispy or anything and it tastes sort of average, but it's pepperoni for sure and it contributes to the pizza.

I'd say it's definitely worth getting if you want cheap but decent pizza, though also consider Red Baron if you want something slightly better.