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Sunday 07/24/16

Bringing a tank to a bidding war, review

I was bidding on a lot containing 1943: The Battle of Midway/Valhalla, 3-D Battles of Worldrunner, Battle City, Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril, Battle Tank, Battleship, Battletoads, and Gekitotsu Yonku Battle. Oh, and Famicom Wars.

There was an auction place and I heard there was a bidding war, so I brought my tank because that's what you do in wars, right? I got told to leave because they didn't like tanks but what are they going to do about it? Nothing, that's what. I won the bidding war.

Thursday 06/02/16

Dueling the Michelin Man, Review

I fought Michelin Man and he was like "I'm TIREd of you, get it???" but I had a tacks and I gave him a flat tired and I won easily. the fight was too easy, would not fight again

Tuesday 04/26/16

"Cheeseburger" becoming a dirty word, Review

Many companies seem to be deathly afraid of labeling their product a "cheeseburger" now. Just looking at IPFW's vending machines there is a "Double beef stacker with cheese sandwich", "Hamburger bun, beef patty, cheese", and "Beef charbroil with cheese". Cheeseburger is OK to call your product!! Don't think otherwise! Kid Cuisine is also in on this, with their "beef patty with cheese and bun".

Not OK!

Thursday 04/21/16

Police giving me free donuts and cocoa Review

One time I got to college and tons of police guys were parked at Kettler, and I went inside and they were giving out free donuts and free coffee and hot cocoa. I got a free sprinkle donut and got some hot cocoa. The donut was rad, and the hot cocoa was really creamy and nice unlike the regular hot cocoa at college which is just cocoa mix and water. This was like, real cocoa mix. In retrospect I regret not dipping the donut in there to see if that was any good.

Wednesday 04/20/16

Getting two homeworks assigned in the last week of class right before finals, review

The last week before finals is called "dead week" and you're not supposed to be doing much, presumably so students can study for finals and stuff instead of wasting time on homework. One of my professors assigned TWO HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS with a due date during dead week, spaced TWO DAYS apart. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Friday 03/18/16

Floorida Review

I started driving to Florida but by accident I pressed the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor of the car and did not release it until I was all the way at Florida, but to my surprise I had been warped into Floorida instead. People everywhere were rounding real numbers down to integers, and there were floors everywhere - at least one in every single building. Also unfortunately all the cars in Floorida always constantly floor it so it's really dangerous to go anywhere, and traffic accidents are a real problem.

I would not recommend going to Floorida because of the danger.

Monday 02/29/16

Minions shower curtain, review

Previously I did a review on Minions being everywhere but now it has gone too far. I have discovered minions in the bathroom, on the shower curtain!! Needless to say this is one of the easiest ways to make showers very uncomfortable and showers are supposed to be one of the last places where you're safe from minions everywhere.

In addition, someone had placed a Batman action figure on the barrier between the bath and the floor and it was staring at me the entire shower.

Sunday 02/28/16

Pointing face detection cameras at plates of Smiley Fries, Review

I decided to make smiley fries earlier because they are one of the best types of potatoes, and before I put the tray in the oven I took a photo of all of the fries. Before I pressed the photo button my phone handily detected all the smiley faces and put helpful yellow circles around all of them.

This was a pleasant surprise, I couldn't have taken the photo without all those lovely circles.

Monday 01/25/16

Performing a You substitution in Calculus, review

Performing a U substitution is OK and it can help you to find the integral of an expression but what's really useful in math is the You substitution, which you can do when you're good enough at math. In it, you substitute You for someone else, who does the math problem for you. Alternatively, you substitute You for Wolfram Alpha.

Unlike U substitutions, you can perform a You substitution in discrete mathematics and for pretty much any part of calculus. You can even perform a You substitution to prove things. You can even perform a You substitution for topics outside math, such as computer science or economics.

The downside is that you cannot perform a You substitution during a quiz or exam, and you must still learn how to do the math yourself.

Still, I rate You substitutions a ★★★★ (5/5).

Tuesday 01/19/16

Waiting for Citilink in winter weather, Review

Riding Citilink isn't always great. The actual bus rides are okay, but the bus only comes every hour and if the time it comes isn't close to the time you get off from wherever you just were, then you're going to be waiting a long time. Waiting during the winter is the worst, because unless you have a shelter of some sort to wait in you're standing out there doing nothing in the cold. I would not recommend it.

Tuesday 09/29/15

Air Review part 2

As seen previously on this blog air is a super addictive drug.

Chainsawsuit made the same joke but better probably.

Sunday 09/06/15

Watching a pirated version of Pirates of the Caribbean in the Caribbean, Review

It was good for the first few minutes but after that the main character realized it was a pirated copy the rest of the movie was just him torrenting. 0/10

Review of the Kool Aid Man bursting through my wall

I had the Kool Aid Man bust through the wall the other day in order to promote Kool Aid and it left a huge hole in the wall that cost a lot of money to repair. I didn't have KOOL AID MAN INSURANCE which was the worst part. I would recommend you get KOOL AID MAN insurance and put up a sign that says "please don't smash this wall" on every single wall on your house to protect yourself. If you don't then it's your fault if he busts into your house.

Living in a Frito Lay secret warehouse, Review

Living in a warehouse full of Frito Lay products was great because there were Doritos as far as the eye can see and there was no screaming but it didn't last very long because a family member decided to eat the entire supply of Nacho Cheese Doritos and we were kicked out. I don't think we were supposed to be there in the first place. I'd only recommend it if you can avoid being caught. ALSO I hear there is the unlikely possibility that you'll get tired of Doritos but there's tons of different flavors and Frito Lay makes other products than just Doritos.

Living at ChicagoVPS Review

I set up a tent in the ChicagoVPS data center and it's really noisy because all the servers constantly scream. I mean literal screaming somehow. Some of the screams are fox screams and it's really hard on the ears. Also the anthropomorphic dollar signs that worked there were really creeping me out. In the end I had to go

The RollerCoaster Tycoon soundtrack on my phone, Review

I'm still not entirely sure why I put the entire RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 soundtrack on my phone. That probably isn't a good sign.

It's pretty good when I need ambient music wherever, or if I need to have MR BONES WILD RIDE in a random place. Some of the songs sound really good too, like Hypothermia. ALSO, INSTANT MERRY-GO-ROUNDS.

Battling at Planet Fitness, Review

I'm Brock. I walked into Planet Fitness with all my Pokemon because I misheard what type of gym it was but all of the people there had Pokemon anyway so it was okay. I sent out my Geodude and he kicked a dude's butt but then my Geodude started grunting so the lunk alarm went off!!! My Pokemon never grunted before but suddenly now that they were in Planet Fitness they just HAD to grunt and now it was getting me in serious trouble. I said "Geodude stop grunting" and he said no and kept grunting. Eventually I had to shut Geodude up by feeding it the free pizza but then it got too fat to fight so I lost. I sent Vulpix out next but it immediately took out a phone and started trolling instead of fighting AND I THINK HE JUDGED SOMEONE so the lunk alarm went off again!! Afterwards I sent out Machamp and he started using the exercise equipment but since he picked up four weights at the same time that apparently intimidated everyone else so we got kicked out.

I would not recommend battling at Planet Fitness

Saturday 08/29/15

Circular avatars Review

They're really dumb because they take up the same amount of screen space to show less of a picture and if the avatar you want to use doesn't fit a circle well (like animals tend to have ears and such on the top and they almost always get partially cropped out at the zoom size people would normally use for square avatars) then it looks dumb. I want square avatars back.

Wednesday 08/26/15

College textbooks, Review

They're really really expensive and publishers will keep putting out new editions with minor changes so you can't just get a used copy from a friend that already took the course, OR have access codes for online stuff. I think that's dumb and I kinda thing they shouldn't be so expensive in the first place. Actually most prices for things you need for college are jacked up for no reason, like I don't think that TI-84+s should be $100+. They probably cost like $20 to produce, max. I don't care of course because I get like $600/semester to pay for books anyway.

Thursday 08/20/15

Camping at Subway, Review

If you pitch a tent in a Subway restaurant you will most likely get kicked out. In the off chance that you don't, though, it's a pretty horrible place to camp. Everyone is always super noisy because everyone is always ordering things and people look at your tent funny. At night your tent gets attacked by $5 Foot Longs that invade your tent and you have to eat all of them to survive the night but if you do then the employees will kick you out for eating food without paying for it first.

Don't camp at Subway, just eat there. I want a roast beef sandwich.

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