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Saturday 05/21/16

Reggio's Pepperoni Frozen Pizza Review

I've had the cheese version of this and remember liking it. It's really quite different from the kinda pizza that Digiorno/Tombstone/Jack's/etc aims at and that should be taken into account in reviewing it.

It brags about a "famous butter crust" and indeed the crust is pretty buttery and soft, in a good way. The whole pizza is pretty soft and the cheese is a little gooey but not excessively so. The pepperonis aren't as good as on some other pizzas but that's probably because this pizza seems like it's supposed to be more moist than others. The pepperonis honestly reminded me of the kind you'd buy at a store to put on homemade pizzas.

Tuesday 04/26/16

IPFW french fries review

I tried IPFW's french fries and they were crispy and hot, and not soggy at all unlike Snider's gross fries. They tasted like Burger King's rather than like government-controlled food. They were like $1.50 too so they're probably actually cheaper than fast food places.

Friday 04/22/16

Making a smoothie with bad-quality berries

Some fruits are just not meant to be put into a smoothie at all in the forms you usually get them in. I've tried to make grape smoothies lots of times, but the skins on the grapes ruin it. Don't try to use weird strawberries either, the smoothie will turn out weird. Actually get either fresh fruit or frozen berries that are specifically for smoothies.

Thursday 04/21/16

Fast Choice Pizza Charbroil with Cheese Review

I saw a "pizza burger" in the vending machines when I was walking around Ivy Tech forever ago and I regretted not trying it. Now, I tried what seemed to be a pizza burger. It was NOT soggy or anything when microwaved, and it was basically just a patty with pizza sauce and a slice of cheese on it. Like, pasta cheese rather than American cheese. It honestly did not taste very much like a pizza, but rather more like goulash. And, judging it as a goulash burger rather than a pizza burger it's surprisingly good for $2.25.

Tuesday 04/19/16

Mini Twin Cheeseburgers Review

I dunno what the actual brand name for these are since I threw the package away but IPFW's vending machines sometimes have twin cheeseburgers. Unlike some other microwaveable burgers, for the recommended cooking time these don't turn out soggy. It's sorta bland but it tastes pretty decent despite that. Also the price is $1.75 which isn't that bad compared to some of the $3 items.

Monday 04/04/16

Littieri's Pepperoni Pizza Calzone Review

I forgot to bring pizza with me and there were no pizza wraps so I tried the $3 Littieri's Pepperoni stuffed Calzone. It advertised "authentic bread with flavorful fillings" and it actually had microwaving instructions, so I put it in for like 1:15. It came out really soft and poofy and it's tastes pretty nice, and tasted like proper pizza crust rather than like Lunchmakers (so authentic bread is right). There was transparent tape on the package for some reason, holding it together which I thought was weird. It smells decent and while it's really soft you don't necessarily need a plate as long as you're careful.

The calzone is pretty spicy from the pepperonis and it tasted alright. The taste isn't amazing (it's sorta like rising crust frozen pizza) and the texture is pretty bad. It's sorta mushy and the cheese isn't great.

Like before, I think I'd prefer the regular pizza for a little bit more money, though it's a long walk to Walb from Kettler.

Monday 03/28/16

IPFW Vending Machine Pizza Wrap Review

The pizza wraps have been kind of hard to find, and for good reason: they're pretty good actually.

The wrap had no instructions on it so I heated it up for 30 seconds which still left it mostly cold. I guessed that was good enough and just ate it. It also came with a dipping cup (?) of marinara sauce which was kind of hard to use because ingredients kept falling into it. I think maybe instead you're supposed to spread it out over something and dip into that instead of directly using the cup.

The pizza taste is very much like a Lunchmakers pizza, which I think is probably from the tortilla used in place of a crust. The inside has pepperoni as an entire layer so there's TONS of pepperoni in there, and there's Italian sausages which give it a very spicy taste. The cheese reminded me of Lunchmakers too. This isn't a surprise since they both seem like they're meant to be eaten cold.

The pizza has lots of meat in it and it's very flavorful and quite spicy. It's honestly not a huge upgrade from Lunchmakers in pure flavor but it feels a lot more filling because there's so much and because of how juicy and nice it is. It's $3 which is kinda expensive but still cheaper than the cafeteria pizza (which is like ~$3.50 with tax?). Honestly, I might as well just pay the extra 50 cents for the awesome pizza in the cafeteria, especially with how hard it is to find the pizza wraps.

Saturday 03/26/16

Austin Grilled Cheese cracker sandwiches, Review

Unlike the peanut butter or peanut butter and cheese crackers these crackers attempt to be grilled cheese sandwiches. It tastes pretty similar to one, but it's all dry and hard (as expected for a cracker) so it doesn't entirely work out all that well. The cheese is also way different, providing an overall really different experience.

Monday 03/21/16

Making a grilled cheese with a George Foreman, Review

Alton Brown thinks grilled cheese sandwiches are disappointing if they're not actually grilled

SO I took two pieces of bread with two slices of American cheese between them and just SHOVED the whole thing in a George Foreman. it turned out hot and toasty, though it didn't really toast evenly. Like, the top half would get more toasted than the bottom, but it wasn't that bad. It's a lot more foolproof than making a grilled cheese with a skillet since you don't have to flop the grilled cheese over or worry about burning one side. The biggest downside is the cheese has a tendency to slip and fall out, both during and after cooking, but this isn't a huge deal.

Sunday 03/06/16

Armour LunchMakers Cheese Pizza, review

While the pepperoni pizza is okay, I looked in the fridge and found tons of Amour LunchMakers cheese pizzas instead after it was recently restocked, and decided to try one. I put it in the microwave like I usually do, for 30 seconds, and it was ick. The cheese type includes a second type of cheese in addition to the mozzarella. In their infinite wisdom Armour decided to go with AMERICAN CHEESE out of all the possible choices they could have used! I'm guessing it was just cheaper to use American cheese than something better, or even just a bigger amount of mozzarella! Needless to say this pizza is not very good, and I recommend eating it without cooking it if you get the cheese kind at all, since it's less ick when it's not melted.

Tuesday 03/01/16

Mozzarella String Cheese On Pizza, Review

I wanted to make a pizza with a premade crust and pizza sauce, but I didn't have shredded mozzarella. rather than make another cheddar-only pizza I took mozzarella string cheese and ripped it into lots of little bits and scattered them around the pizza. The resulting pizza has a lot of white streaks where the mozzarella was and the stringiness doesn't seem to affect all that much, just making it harder to pull two pieces apart and keep the cheese separated. Texture-wise it's not really that different from normal.

Monday 02/29/16

Lunchables Pepperoni Pizza Fun Pack, Review

Today I had a Lunchables pizza rather than an Armour Lunchmakers one. It came in a cardboard box that contained a Capri Sun fruit punch pouch, and a Crunch candy bar. The box had jokes on the inside and fun fax and tongue twisters but there was nothing in there that was really amusing for a college student.

Unlike Lunchmakers, Lunchables Pizza has tons of sauce and tons of cheese so you definitely have enough. I ended up using the whole amount of cheese and sauce I got. The big difference between Lunchmakers Pepperoni Pizza and Lunchables Pepperoni Pizza is that Lunchmakers has "pepperoni flavored sausage" which is really thin and easy to tear through and it tasted pretty decent. Lunchables on the other hand has real pepperonis.

These are pretty huge and sorta thick, and you get enough for three pepperonis per pizza, and if you use them evenly all the pizzas are mostly covered with the pepperonis. The pepperonis honestly don't taste all that much better (they're okay, taste like pepperoni and are a little spicy) and the big difference is the texture. They feel tough and leathery even when cooked for 30 seconds, and because of them you can't tear into the pizza with a fork very easily. You also have to chew it.

I'd probably honestly stick to Armour Lunchmakers here.

Sunday 02/28/16

Pointing face detection cameras at plates of Smiley Fries, Review

I decided to make smiley fries earlier because they are one of the best types of potatoes, and before I put the tray in the oven I took a photo of all of the fries. Before I pressed the photo button my phone handily detected all the smiley faces and put helpful yellow circles around all of them.

This was a pleasant surprise, I couldn't have taken the photo without all those lovely circles.

Friday 01/29/16

Armour LunchMakers Pepperoni Pizza, review

In my need to have better things to eat at college than granola bars I have turned to microwaveable pizzas. The pizza was heated to 30 seconds in my review, and the pizza will primarily be compared to the Tony's Microwaveable pizza rectangle.

The pizza is pretty soft, but not in a gooey or unpleasant way. It's just soft, and easy to tear through with a fork or bite through. The amount of toppings, while seemingly small when you're topping the pizza, seems small but after actually cooking, it can easily cover the whole pizza and it manages to stay on the pizza while eating. The flimsy IPFW forks didn't really matter that much since I could hold onto the sides of the pizza if I needed a grip to cut it with one, and the pizza didn't smell, taste and look weird. The pizza uses mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce and it contributes to a real pizza flavor, but the sausage is actually "pepperoni flavored sausage" which is actually pretty good.

I don't know if it's from having a lot of pizzas of this type as a kid but this pizza is actually really pleasant and although it's barely pizza I would still definitely choose it over Tony's Microwaveable Pizza Rectangle.

Monday 01/18/16

Kroger Three Meat Rising Crust pizza, Review

I felt like trying some new pizza, so I baked a self-rising crust pizza from Kroger. I know, it's store-brand so I shouldn't be expecting a lot, but Meijer's rising crust and Great Value pizzas turned out to be decent in both the pepperoni and cheese versions, if a little bland. This was not the case for Kroger's rising crust pizzas. I don't know if it was undercooked but it was put in between the minimum and maximum cooking times so I don't think it was. I didn't really like it.

The pizza was really gooey, in a sort of bad way. It's sort of like how Tombstone cheese pizza is a little too gooey but it's the whole pizza. In fact, the pizza is so gooey that it can't really hold itself together very well. It's very difficult to lift up a piece without it falling apart and spilling toppings. A lot of the pizza was the bread part which wasn't very crunchy at all except for some bits on the end, and the pizza was mostly just soggy. The flavors weren't all that great; the toppings were kind of bland and seemed moist rather than actually being juicy.

I don't know if the cheese version is any better, but as it stands I'm not really looking to try this brand again soon.

Wednesday 11/04/15

IPFW Walb Pepperoni and Sausage pizza slice, Review

Because Walb has pizza too in the cafeteria that used to be Pizza Hut, I bought a slice even though it was $3.29. It's a pretty big slice though. It looked delicious and way better than Tony's, with infinitely less grease though there was still some visible grease. There were TONS of sausages and they were big and juicy. They seemed a little crunchy too in a good way. The pepperonis were juicy and overall the toppings were way better than Pizza Hut's toppings and Little Caesars's toppings, but not quite as good as Papa John's. There are pepperonis on the crust which were crunchy.The dough wasn't tough and the cheese and sauce were really good. Overall it was a really good slice of pizza but $3.29 kinda kills it for me. If I'm hungry and I want pizza I could pay like, twice that and get a whole Papa Johns pizza.

Tuesday 11/03/15

Tony's Microwaveable Pepperoni Pizza Rectangle, Review

Everyone always tells me not to buy weird stuff from the vending machines. It was tempting though, not having any hot foods at college when I was hungry, so against my better judgment I purchased a Tony's Pepperoni Pizza thing, and it seemed like the kind of food you'd have in a high school lunch. Pizza tends to be good even when it's bad, so it was probably safe, right?

After it got out of the microwave I noticed it was ULTRA greasy and I used a napkin to wipe up a good amount of it but there was still a lot of it left. I grabbed one of the forks and headed off to discrete math class because I realized it was about to start. Once inside I realized the pizza was pretty much impossible to cut into with the ultra flimsy forks my college has and I mostly had to bite into it to tear it at all. The pizza looked really disappointing and it has those dumb cube shaped pepperonis that didn't turn out to taste very good and they kept falling off. The pizza kinda smelled weird too and overall it just reminded me of high school food but not in a nice nostalgic way. It was a little spicy though and that was nice.

I felt gross afterwards, ugh.

Tuesday 10/27/15

Vending machine hot chocolate review

There are vending machines at college that have coffee but also hot chocolate and other things and I got a $1 hot chocolate. It came out WAY too hot and I had to wait for it to cool for a long time an when it did I was disappointed because it tasted exactly like hot cocoa mix used on water, which it probably was. If I'm paying $1 I expect it to taste like hot cocoa mix used on milk.

Sunday 09/06/15

GOTTA HAVE JAVA frozen yogurt, Review

ORACLE is secretly putting frozen yogurt in stores with the flavor name "Gotta have Java!" to promote their programming language. I ate a few scoops and then I suddenly programmed 10 classes in Java. It was a horrible experience and I don't recommend it. If you MUST have Java frozen treats I recommend you eat Android Ice cream Sandwiches which don't take over your body and force you to write Java. Meanwhile Microsoft is infiltrating the stores with their C# icecream and I don't know how that's supposed to taste. I'm kind of afraid to find out.

Tuesday 08/25/15

Lean Cuisine Craveables Pepperoni Pizza Review

It's microwave pizza, but really good microwave pizza. It's not crispy in the slightest but it doesn't try to be and it's a lot more flavorful than generic crispy frozen pizzas. It's kinda small but I guess for the type of product it is that makes sense. It's enjoyably spicy. I didn't pay attention to the nutritional value because I never do but it's Lean Cuisine so it's probably healthier than Kid Cuisine. It's probably a lot less calories than an entire Papa Johns pizza with copious amounts of garlic sauce.

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