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Tuesday 11/03/15

Tony's Microwaveable Pepperoni Pizza Rectangle, Review

Everyone always tells me not to buy weird stuff from the vending machines. It was tempting though, not having any hot foods at college when I was hungry, so against my better judgment I purchased a Tony's Pepperoni Pizza thing, and it seemed like the kind of food you'd have in a high school lunch. Pizza tends to be good even when it's bad, so it was probably safe, right?

After it got out of the microwave I noticed it was ULTRA greasy and I used a napkin to wipe up a good amount of it but there was still a lot of it left. I grabbed one of the forks and headed off to discrete math class because I realized it was about to start. Once inside I realized the pizza was pretty much impossible to cut into with the ultra flimsy forks my college has and I mostly had to bite into it to tear it at all. The pizza looked really disappointing and it has those dumb cube shaped pepperonis that didn't turn out to taste very good and they kept falling off. The pizza kinda smelled weird too and overall it just reminded me of high school food but not in a nice nostalgic way. It was a little spicy though and that was nice.

I felt gross afterwards, ugh.

Tuesday 08/25/15

Lean Cuisine Craveables Pepperoni Pizza Review

It's microwave pizza, but really good microwave pizza. It's not crispy in the slightest but it doesn't try to be and it's a lot more flavorful than generic crispy frozen pizzas. It's kinda small but I guess for the type of product it is that makes sense. It's enjoyably spicy. I didn't pay attention to the nutritional value because I never do but it's Lean Cuisine so it's probably healthier than Kid Cuisine. It's probably a lot less calories than an entire Papa Johns pizza with copious amounts of garlic sauce.

Saturday 08/22/15

Digiorno Rising Crust 3 Meat Review

It's delicious and a lot more flavorful than Meijers store-brand pizza. The pepperonis are a little spicy and the meat really stands out. The crust is a good thickness and it's better than those "lol we're just trying to make rising crust" pizzas because they're actually trying to make a good rising crust pizza.

Wednesday 08/19/15

Spaghetti sauce, cheddar cheese and tortilla pizza Review

It might sound like a good idea at first because you're out of mozzarella and pizza sauce and pizza crust but don't do it. The cheddar is going to end up REALLY weird and it won't taste right. You can use spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce if you don't mind that it's sweeter but you can NOT substitute mozzarella for cheddar on a pizza. ESPECIALLY DO NOT USE SLICES OF AMERICAN CHEESE ON PIZZA.

Saturday 08/15/15

Meijer's rising crust four-cheese pizza, Review

It's as bland as store-brand pizza would imply. It's okay if you really want rising crust pizza but for some reason don't want to get a Digiorno, but personally if I'm getting frozen pizza I'd prefer to get something more interesting like Red Baron.

Friday 08/14/15

Zesto cherry smoothie Review

Zesto's cherry smoothies are actually quite good and the cherry flavor is strong and enjoyable but there's whole cherries in there and it's kind of hard to deal with using a straw. I'd still recommend it though. I'm going to try other flavors later on. I think if you really want a smoothie specifically you should go to TCBY.

Monday 08/10/15

Little Caesars Review

It's good for what it is ($5 instantly-ready pizza) but it's not the best. It's certainly better than the really tiny frozen pizzas like Tombstone and I will definitely eat it when it's around but it's not super great. If I'm just getting one pizza I'd rather spend the extra few bucks to get Papa Johns.

Papa Johns Review

Papa Johns is always my first choice for pizza, with my second being Pizza Hut. It's just the best pizza I've ever had. The garlic that comes with the pizza is delicious though sometimes it's a bit too watery rather than creamy. Even when it's watery I still dunk the pizza in it. The pizza is really good when it's cold, too. Probably the best pizza to eat cold, because it's still delicious and the cheese doesn't get all hard like Little Caesars tends to. In high school I was always the cool kid, bringing in Papa Johns slices in with aluminum foil to keep it safe.

Sunday 08/09/15

Doritos Review

"The DORITOS® brand is all about boldness. If you’re up to the challenge, grab a bag of DORITOS® tortilla chips and get ready to make some memories you won’t soon forget. It’s a bold experience in snacking and beyond"

Doritos are a pretty good chip, especially the nacho cheese flavor. I would totally recommend them. I am not a Frito-Lay salesperson but it would probably be cool if I was because I could tell people to eat Doritos all day. And then I would proceed to eat Doritos all day. Please join the Society of Doritos.

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