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Saturday 08/15/15

Meijer's rising crust four-cheese pizza, Review

It's as bland as store-brand pizza would imply. It's okay if you really want rising crust pizza but for some reason don't want to get a Digiorno, but personally if I'm getting frozen pizza I'd prefer to get something more interesting like Red Baron.

Monday 08/10/15

Little Caesars Review part 2

It's still not as good as Papa Johns

Little Caesars Review

It's good for what it is ($5 instantly-ready pizza) but it's not the best. It's certainly better than the really tiny frozen pizzas like Tombstone and I will definitely eat it when it's around but it's not super great. If I'm just getting one pizza I'd rather spend the extra few bucks to get Papa Johns.

Papa Johns Review

Papa Johns is always my first choice for pizza, with my second being Pizza Hut. It's just the best pizza I've ever had. The garlic that comes with the pizza is delicious though sometimes it's a bit too watery rather than creamy. Even when it's watery I still dunk the pizza in it. The pizza is really good when it's cold, too. Probably the best pizza to eat cold, because it's still delicious and the cheese doesn't get all hard like Little Caesars tends to. In high school I was always the cool kid, bringing in Papa Johns slices in with aluminum foil to keep it safe.

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